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Mourning the Loss of a Yoga Studio

For about a year and a half, I’ve been practicing yoga at Soula Power Yoga. Sadly, the studio is closing as of tomorrow, December 31st. The teacher, Marta Weinstock, will be splitting her time at two studios, a new one … Continue reading

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Goal Setting, the New Year, and Multiple Capabilities

Juggling the patchwork of lifework (must I say careers?) that I am developing that lies at the intersection of program development, project management, marketing, communications, social media, instructional design, education, and educational therapy (not to mention my interests in policy … Continue reading

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The Leaf

If I had to choose a personal symbol and style, it would be the Leaf. That’s one of the reasons you see mint leaves on this blog. I would like to decorate my house with leaves. You know how some … Continue reading

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Kindle Counting

Around March of this year I was thrilled to be the lucky recipient of a free Kindle2, the result of putting my business card in a raffle at the DevLearn2009 expo. Now I want a Kindle3. The graphite color is … Continue reading

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DIY Education –> DIY Career

One of the blogs I read regularly is Maya Frost’s. She has a very interesting background in mindfulness training and global education and is currently living in Uruguay with her husband, but is soon to move back to Japan after … Continue reading

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Menthe and Mint Berry Learning

I discovered the photo of mint on this site with a quick Google images search. It only took three tries before I found the perfect image. Pretty, isn’t it? At the bottom of the Wikimedia Commons page where the photo … Continue reading

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Leap into Ed Therapy

After returning to work at Lindamood-Bell this past summer, I realized it was time to move further into exploring exactly what it was that was drawing me into the profession that works 1-on-1 with students, otherwise popularly known as “tutoring” … Continue reading

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Reflections on Big Ideas Fest 2010

I’ve been inspired to FINALLY start blogging and tweeting after attending Big Ideas Fest 2010 in Half Moon Bay on Sunday and Monday.  I’m planning to attend next year to make up for the two days of inspiration I missed … Continue reading

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