Leap into Ed Therapy

After returning to work at Lindamood-Bell this past summer, I realized it was time to move further into exploring exactly what it was that was drawing me into the profession that works 1-on-1 with students, otherwise popularly known as “tutoring” or “coaching.” Curiously enough, I basically picked my practice back up at the beginning of the summer at the same level of competence that I had when I left a couple of years ago. And my technique continued developing.

I have decided to take the plunge into starting my own side business as an Educational Therapist. Back in Sept-Oct, I took the introductory course in EdTherapy at UCSC Extension just to confirm whether this would be something that would actually hold my interest (and be self-sustaining as well) for longer than a year. Yep, it sure is.  During a crazy busy two weeks when I packed my schedule full of informational meetings, interviews, resume updates, ProMatch workshops, meeting new people, and networking events, I even drove up to Berkeley to attend the AET conference on a Sunday. I still have yet to complete the assignments for the course…I requested an incomplete. The perfectionist in me cries out at the thought of leaving work undone. The side of me that needs to make a living and find a job pushes back.

Coaching or tutoring students one on one is not rocket science. But it’s not that easy either. It’s time to become a little more reflective on the whole process.

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