Menthe and Mint Berry Learning

I discovered the photo of mint on this site with a quick Google images search. It only took three tries before I found the perfect image. Pretty, isn’t it?

At the bottom of the Wikimedia Commons page where the photo is housed, it says “Category: Mentha”, which covers all the various varieties of mints. So I googled “menthe.” There’s  crème de menthe. “Crème de menthe is a sweet, mint-flavored, alcoholic beverage.” There’s Creme De Menthe Brownies and a recipe from The Food Network. And there’s recipes for cocktails and cookies.

Strangely enough, I don’t really like the combination of chocolate and mint. I did purchase Trader Joes’ Candy Cane Green Tea. I do like mint gum and mint toothpaste. I love chocolate, both dark and milk, and flavored. I put berries (or bananas) in my morning oatmeal/Malt-O-Meal combination. And the name Mint Berry Learning just came to me one night as I was falling asleep. Somehow it just works.

Key learning from Big Ideas Fest: It’s okay to make mistakes.

Therefore, Trust the process. Something new is born.

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