Kindle Counting

Around March of this year I was thrilled to be the lucky recipient of a free Kindle2, the result of putting my business card in a raffle at the DevLearn2009 expo. Now I want a Kindle3. The graphite color is so nice. Or at least the best and latest e-reader that Borders and Best Buy and Barnes & Noble and who knows who else is putting in the front aisle for you to see as soon as you walk in the door. Oh, and I want an Android too so I can tweet on the go. Santa, are you listening? I know I only just started texting and using Facebook this year, but I’ve been a good girl, Santa.

I was excited with my Kindle2 for about 4 days. I tried downloading free books thanks to Andrys Basten, and downloaded a couple I knew I would never read. I emailed PDFs to myself using the required converting function. Never read those either. So what have I used my Kindle2 for? Again thanks to Andrys, who provides a bookmarks file especially for mobile, I have done the following: Surfing the web. Checking the weather. Checking the traffic. Reading the headlines. Checking my gmail. Checking my gmail. Checking my gmail.

Guess what, there’s something else to try… of course… games! And driving directions! This should cut down on the written paper directions I have lying around the car. There’s also for free RSS Feeds. Thanks for the tips, Andrys. I’ll check them out.

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