The Leaf

If I had to choose a personal symbol and style, it would be the Leaf. That’s one of the reasons you see mint leaves on this blog. I would like to decorate my house with leaves. You know how some people go bonkers over dog paraphernalia, especially their favorite breed of dog, or they collect all kinds of objects with mice on them, or some people like cows, or cats and that’s what they collect. Cow mugs, cow objects, cow plates, cow dog bowls… anyway, you get the picture.

I would get towels and shower curtains and plates and dishes and bedding and curtains with leaves on them.

And I would get a Nissan Leaf.

Today the first consumer received a Nissan Leaf. He’s here in the Bay area.

While I was looking for a car (my first car) last year, I became aware that the Leaf was planned for delivery in December 2010, but I needed to buy a car so I could not wait that long. While I had always said that my first car would be an electric car, I got a Honda Civic Hybrid. I chose it over a Prius for a few reasons (in no particular order.)

1)      No blind spots.

2)      Driver’s seat can be elevated to fit someone with a short torso.

3)      Body construction safer than a Prius, especially in case of rollover.

4)      More stable in windy conditions. It can get quite windy here.

5)      Cheaper.

6)      And, I did not know this would be such a plus, heated driver and passenger side seats.

Here’s an image of the car I got, and an image of the Leaf. Can you say trade-in?

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