Mourning the Loss of a Yoga Studio

For about a year and a half, I’ve been practicing yoga at Soula Power Yoga. Sadly, the studio is closing as of tomorrow, December 31st. The teacher, Marta Weinstock, will be splitting her time at two studios, a new one called Breathe, and the well established Willow Glen Yoga. I really appreciated the heat in this studio,  and its contributions to strengthening my practice, as well as Marta’s emphasis on the breath. Many a class I actually sweated, and often I swum seamlessly into a meditative state during savasana. Something about the closing of this studio just does not sit right with me.  If anything, we need more yoga in the world, not less. Where will all the college students go to practice now? Willow Glen and Los Gatos are a little far for them to travel without a car.

Looks like I will have to choose among Breathe, Willow Glen, and YogaSource Los Gatos. Now I know that Silicon Valley is no New York City, but I still pine for the pure Ashtanga bliss I experienced at an all-Ashtanga, all-the-time, studio there.  It’s where I really committed to heart the starting chant.

I’ve tried Yoga is Youthfulness in Mountain View, and that was heaven. Truly ideal would be the opportunity to begin a Mysore practice. I guess I could always try the 7:30-9:30 Sunday morning. In any event, you can find me at a free yoga class or two this weekend. Eventually I would like to see what Jivamukti is like, since I neglected to do so while in NYC.

By the way, a good birthday present would be The Language of Yoga. I’m always seeking new models and “languages.”

Happy New Year, yogis and yoginis!

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